I like the ibanez, I have a friend who let me mess around on his. It was light comfortable and sounded good. But, I looked online for beginner guitars and the strat just kept coming up. Does that mean I should be leaning more towards that.

Also what is a good price range for your first guitar the ibanez was on sale for 100. The others were closer to 200.
You should ask this in the Electric Guitar forum.
The best thing to do is to get the guitar you like the most, one that makes you excited to play. Go to a guitar store with someone who can play, that way you can see the range and get an idea of the prices and your friend can comment on the build quality.
There are decent and affordable guitars in all shapes, so for instance if you prefer an Ibanez shape go for one of those, if a strat then check out Squier, if you like Les Paul shapes then have a look at Epiphone.
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Yeah, Id say for your first guitar Id go into an actual store so you can get a better feel for things. Its hard to know what to expect what to get online when you don't know much about guitars. Get something cheap that's comfortable and plays decent.
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