I want you experts out there to tell me if.. well. if how it is.I mean how bad it is, where did I go wrong. what should I do. its not completed yet and I dont have any tentative plans in completing it I cant think of how Im going to solo over that three chords IM new to recordings and ive been only playing guitar for like 1 and 3 months now. err. so yeah. https://soundcloud.com/fatstring0/1988-demo
The problem with submitting original recordings and expecting a full critique is that a recording encompasses two different aspects: songwriting/playing and the recording process itself. To judge the 2ond, there needs to be an idea of how its' supposed to sound.

It sounds fine for the most part, except the solos are lacking- but that is expected of you. And the ambient use of a clean lead guitar with reverb will generally work well, but it seems to be too much of reverb here, there's also a hum coming at the later part of the song- probably due the reverb.
I should work more on the solos right? and I think I did use too much of reverb yeah, oh god. hit me its terrible right? I know its terrible
The idea isnt bad actually
Try getting some drum loops or make a drum track and record the guitars around it cos the parts are there but just little things like phrasing and some timing are abit off, drums will help with the structure.
Hope this helped
Using a lot of reverb isn't terrible, it really depends on how you use it, in your song it produced too much hum which was distracting from the general theme, while it's supposed to be ambient and something to be in the background. As far as working on solos, you have to understand that this is largely dependent on skill which is not something you can fix overnight- you should develop it over time, a particularly good challenge would be improvisation.


This, as an example of my older compositions, it has a lot of reverb and a lot of background ambience, however, I think that it sounds quite well and fits the theme.

(except for that piano bit in the middle, I think it's too much there)
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Sounds like you were enjoying yourself, thats a good thing, I like the approach, it can be done really laid back, work on the bendings a bit.... they do wonders! dont stop going at it ... good luck.

You can check mine if you like:


hey man thanks! that was really spirit lifting haha. I think Ill continue working on it when I get aaudio interface since that was recorded thru shitty jack converter