Hi guys,

So I've been looking a bit at the size of my hands and guitars, and I've also compared my hands with other guitarists hands.
I have way smaller hands and shorter fingers that than person.

I don't really know if it is a real problem, but for comparison: Ed Sheeran said himself that he has small hands, and he has about 4 half size guitars.

The width between my thumb and pinky is about 18 cm, if that's of any value.

Anyone with more knowledge on this subject?

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At peak stretch which is pretty much horizontal mine is 20cm between thumb tip and pinkie tip, I've learned that big stretches along the fretboard are more to do with the angle of the wrist than sheer finger size, although I can see how it would help and also hinder:

eg. I'd hate to play beyond the 18th fret with sausage fingers...
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You just have to accept that you may not be able to do certain things.... Form certain chords, for instance. I have average-sized hands with rather inflexible fingers, and I fool around with a lot of fingerstyle jazz stuff.
There's always dozens of different chord inversions; if I can't finger something the way it's shown, I find something that I can.
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Id think bigger hands would be harder to with play but that's cause I have small hands. Either way it probably doesn't matter.
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The others think that my hands are big, I don't think about it. Here in Brazil says "each one is each one (cada um é cada um)", so don't exist a "hands' default size", right?

For example: be able to reach the first five frets of the neck without movin' my hand is to have big hands? No, right?
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....and remember ...unlike Iomi you have five digits ;-)
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keep on trying to play what you cant trust me your hands will grow and adapt ! i had the same issues when i started 4/5 years my hands are big now how do you think guthrie, steve vai and jeff loomis got their mitts like this, lots of playing! sure some people are born with huge ass hands because theyre tall, but you really have to build them (sweeps, bending, vibrato, sliding, paul gilbert runs w/e) trust me these wil help big time if you play them correctly ! also play standing up !! helps you build solid technique