Okay so i have an ESP LTD M-350 with EMG HZ pickups (HSH). Great guitar.

Anyways, I recently got a pair of Gibson 500k OHM Audio Taper Potentiometer/Long shaft.

I got these for me for my Epiphone Lespaul but ive sold off the the lespaul before i could even open these tapers. So i was just wondering, my LTD has 2 knobs, 1 Volume and 1 tone. Do u think if i install these Gibson 500k OHM tapers replacing the ones in my M-350, they would sound better or smoother somehow ?? Or the stock ones in this guitar are better ??

Please let me know and suggest me what i should do with these Tapers!
Thankyou, and Cheers!
PS: Im new here!
Its probably not going to make much difference.
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