Sammath is a Dutch furious black metal band, which translates to death metal technique applied to melodic but vicious black metal. Their newest album Godless Arrogance will be released on Hammerheart records in March 2014.

Live stream of Godless Arrogance

Anyone else a fan of this raging Dutch black/death act? If you like guitaristry, their second-to-last album might be fun, but the new one is just pure metal intensity.
I actually like it. Most black metal I can barely tolerate but this is audible to me.
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I've been looking forward to this one for a while. I'll definitely be picking it up when it comes out.

Sammath combines the dark melodic understructure of black metal with the type of charging full-ahead death metal that Fallen Christ or Angelcorpse pioneered (which might descend from Morbid Angel’s “Thy Kingdom Come&rdquo.

Godless Arrogance features nearly constant high-intensity rhythmic riffing and finally has a production to match which emphasizes internal harmony but projects vocals and guitars to the forefront, creating an enveloping wall of sound. - Sammath - Godless Arrogance review at Death Metal Underground

You will be able to buy Godless Arrogance after its release on February 3, 2014.


Currently kicking my ass (I downloaded the stream from Terrorizer mag). I really liked their debut, Strijd, which was really beautiful on a melodic level but also very violent and had good use of keyboards (a lot like Emperor done by Morbid Angel). Their next two were uneven but more aggressive. This new one is the best of both worlds.
ahhh that link is absolutely stellar. I'll need to check out the full release
Pretty good stuff. Reminiscent of Abigor's early albums, but I wouldn't rate this up there with those albums. The "rahs" in that track are Dimmu Borgir level gayness though.
Sounds intriguing, I'm gonna have to check their newest out when it drops.
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