Guitar Pro & PDF Tabs + Backing track for anyone who was looking for it:

Try to play all the open string rhythm parts with down-picking. I changed most of the leads to more manageable patterns since the harmonies weren't very comfortable or even playable in parts. If you want the tabs/BT in a different tuning, let me know since it only takes 2 mins for me to do. Enjoy!
Man, your hands look super rigid... relax man!
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Man, your hands look super rigid... relax man!

Downpicking every note is so hard! I don't know how Hetfield does it with such ease. My forearm was killing me after this.

My friend(Freepower, mod on here) actually advised my to keep my left hand as rigid as possible. The less movement you have to do with your fretting hand the better. Its made a big improvement to my playing. I can play for much longer periods now.