Have any of you built a guitar? I’m curious to hear your experiences.

I’ve assembled three, usually with some help. Every time I buy parts, even from the same place (so they know they’re going together and should not screw it up), there’s something up with the parts. For example, my 3rd one, they cut the nut too low and it needed three shims to raise it. I didn’t know how off it was (I could just tell it wasn’t right) or have the shims, so I took it to a pro, who fixed that and then re-did my setup.

If you’ve never built one and always wanted to, I have a video showing how easy most of it is: Guitar building video

Very cool!

Yes. I only have one guitar with a Floyd and I had it setup by a pro, mostly because I'm too lazy to level frets. Did a few setups with gauge changes, but that's it. My builds all required work to the nuts, even the rightys. I usually solder outside of the cavities, after the mockup of the wiring.

A good luthier should be glad to give you advise on DIY - I bothered many, but it was better to tell me what to do instead of them having to do it when they had better-paying jobs to do. There are youtube videos and plenty of websites that will show you how to get everything right. When I started building there weren't very many resources on the internet, and Skynet (or Skylab?) was trying to abolish Tab sites.