I recently purchased an Egnater Rebel 20watt amp head. I've been looking to buy one for a long time and the deal was too good to pass, the only problem is I don't have a cab for it yet. I don't have a lot to spend (around 200$), so I'm looking for something cheap but decent and reliable. I play mostly overdrive tones, classic rock/blues sounds. Anything that sounds good for that.

Where in the world are you? US, UK, elsewhere?

What are you looking for? 112, 212, 412?
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Sometimes on GC Used Online you can find deals on Krank 1x12 cabs (for as low as $100). They are good quality and come with a great speaker (usually Eminence Legend V12 16-ohm but some might have another good Eminence speaker like Gov or TX Heat) it's hard to beat them for the price. I've tried a lot of speakers in my Krank 1x12's and the WGS ET-65 is probably my favorite all around, it's almost like that speaker is a perfect match for the design of the cab.

If you have a staple gun it's easy to swap out the metal grille for a grill cloth/piping of your choice (maybe something that will match your head). Anyway, just some ideas!
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