guitars sound stuffy and they, including the synth, are clouding your vocals. You could consider double tracking your acoustic rather then having it sit in the center competing against your vocals. Thin out the guitars a bit and have them sit lower in the mix behind your vox.

Mix is dry, on every element - any considerations for some verb? The tambourine jumps out too much compared to the level of the mix. It's a percussive instrument, and since it's the only one throughout the song, it's gonna be heard, so no need to have it rise too high above the rest of your instruments. And the lack of verb/sharp panning doesn't help its spread any, it just sounds out like a gnat in one ear. Also I think more attack on the tambourine would help, instead of how it currently just washes in (slow attack)

I do like the material Just the presentation needs a lift!

May not be your cup of tea, but here it is :P
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I love it, it's got a great feeling. Your vocals are good, i keep getting a verve vibe, but Night is right about the mixing the guitar is too in your face, it's distracting from what you're saying. I can't really criticise the vocal or guitar melodies, both awesome. The ending is one thing I can pick out on, that synth sound carries on just a second too long, maybe have it fade out, it just sounds a little abrupt to my ears.

Thanks for the crit by the way

Vocals are a little bit too low in the mix, being overpowered by the organ mainly and the acoustic a little. I like the vocal hook on the main lyric ('little things,etc'). I think the song could do with more variation throughout, although I recognise there is some with the harmony vocs and tambourine. The more I'm listening to it, the more I think the organ could do with going further back in the mix, probably quite a bit.

However, I like the song, remix and maybe add a little more variation. Good work !!!


I really like the feel of this song. You definitely have the perfect type of vocals for this type of music, I'm jealous haha. They reminded me of Thom Yorke. I think your vocals actually come out pretty strong, I don't see the guitars mudding things up. But I think it could still benefit by double tracking and panning them. The harmonies are great, you said you didn't know much about mixing and mastering, but it all felt very clean and nice sounding. I wasn't the biggest fan of the sound of the tambourine, I thought a less harsh-sounding one would be better for that track. Additional instruments all sounded nice to me, I'm not sure if those are actual ones or you used virtual instruments but it sounds good regardless. At 2:11, when that left-panned instrument comes in (not sure what it is haha), I thought it'd be better if it either faded in or left out that first low strum. With that right-panned instrument that comes in at the same time, it just felt a little too sudden. Anyways, I'm not an expert of mixing and mastering or anything but I can tell that it's a good song and you're definitely very talented.

If you think you'd have any tips for a beginner when it comes to recording or post-stuff like mixing, I'd appreciate some basics. I dont know really know what I'm doing