Ok so I have been hearing a lot of complaints regarding the volume drop from when the fuzz is engaged and off, with the DBA Fuzz War pedal. It is normal for pedals to have a louder volume than the clean channel on your amp, however with the Fuzz War apparently the difference is crazy. Personally I don’t have a fuzz war myself however I have ordered one and it is coming. So to address this issue I have kind of come up with a solution. The reason I say kind of I because I have no idea if this is possible, that’s why I need you guys to help me out.

My plan involves 2 pedals:

1. DBA Fuzz War
2. MXR Micro Amp

Ok so hypothetically lets say my clean tone with the MXR Micro Amp cranked all the way up (or lower, just depending on the levels of the Fuzz War), matched or was close enough to the volume with just the Fuzz War engaged alone. It would be a quick fix to the problem however pressing the Fuzz War of then getting to the Micro Amp into to press it on would be a hassle that I just cant do live, I would just look as if im dancing on stage hahaha, but I would not be physically able to turn my fuzz of and Micro Amp on at the same time……… But what if there was a way you could…

WHAT IF, there was a way to simultaneously turn my Micro Amp on when I turn the Fuzz War off?

So if you guys could me think of a few ways to make this work it would be great. This is what I was thinking:

1. When my Fuzz War is on it plays as usual
2. As soon as I turn my Fuzz War off, my Micro Amp simultaneously turns on, matching the volume of the clean tone to the fuzz.
3. Then when I turn the Fuzz War back on, the Micro Amp simultaneously turns off again, allowing the Fuzz War to play as normal
4. HOWEVER when I turn my micro amp on and off I don’t want it to engage or disengage the Fuzz War, only the Fuzz War can control the Micro Amp depending on whether its off or on (Fuzz War on = Micro Amp off,
Fuzz War off = Micro Amp on), Get it?
5. I still want to be able to have full control over my Micro Amp without it turning anything else off or on when the Fuzz War is disengaged.

Thoughts? Please try and help me out here….
Pretty sure you can set the Fuzz War around unity level to avoid the volume jump, there's a volume knob on it after all.
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^^^ that. plus who wants clean and dirty to be the same volume? its all about the dynamics maaaaaaaan.

seriously though, you could probably rig up some kind of mechanical system to accomplish this, or if you have the cash, one of those pedal switching systems could accomplish this (voodoolabs ground control or whatever)

it really shouldn't be necessary though.