Hello all,

I have a good ear, and am trying to keep it in shape.

Give me songs you want tabbed and I'll do it for you (probably)

its as simple as that. Fire away
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Any chance you could do The Legendary Sannin and also Heaven Piercing Giga Drill by Area 11 please?
Oh you lifesaver!

You'll probably laugh at how easy these songs are for you but I am still a beginner and want to build up my picking skills. Two songs I can't find anywhere... "At the heart of all of this strangeness, by Jape, and The Edge's solo version on U2's Love is Blindness. Having either of these songs to practice, especially the first, would make me extremely happy.
I just can't make out Drive by Kids in Glass Houses. Would be great with a little help
gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8
Okay thats enough for now, I will work on those and report back.
My sig used to be so awesome it got me banned
I did this song DIFFICULT - BURN SEASON for you and submitted it..
I also posted it in this forum under a new post just for you... you will find it if you look.
Good morning.
Do you do bass tabs? I am needing "Here for You" by Matt Redman.
Very cool of you to help peeps out!
I noticed that this person has only two tabs in total if you look at his profile. I also noticed that there are a lot of people that submitted requests for songs to be tabbed and are still doing so and as of this date there hasn't been one done. also, the person has not responded when someone asked for an update on progress. I am sure he meant well when he stated he would take requests but as stated I personally do not believe that any will Ever get done. Again, i am sure he meant well but to me placing a request here then gets you ignored by other tabbers that may do your request because they assume he may do it for you. Hopefully, he will come through one day.
I'm new here but since your taking requests I really want to learn the Vocal Part on Great Gig in the Sky transformed to guitar I have seen a few videos on youtube but i never could play by hear if you could make that happen i would be greatful
Quite possibly true Shadoobee. A valid point. I'm fairly new here and frankly useless with computers, so I've had a hard time navigating around this forum. Do you have any suggestions of any tabbers you have encountered who might be up to the task and willing to try tabbing the two songs I've asked for?
I would say your best bet is to just always start a new thread and in the title place the song you are requesting and the name of the artist. I would also only place one song in each thread title as requesting more then one song is usually ignored as it appears to some to be a little pushy. So if I were you I would make a new thread and in the title place this

Request guitar tab for At the heart of all this strangeness by Jape

Then just sit and hope that someone will do the tab for you.
I saw what you wrote and did the tab for you.... I tabbed and submitted the one song by

and as also stated I put it in it's own thread here on TAB TALK for you to see now.....OK
This song please it's in fingerstyle— m.youtube.com/watch?v=omDcmPnAmiM&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DomDcmPnAmiM