Hi there, thanks for your thoughts on doing bends / feeling tension

I'm learning blues and bends, particularly a question about: doing 2 1/2 tone bends on the third string, or just when doing bigger bends in general, I can't help but get the distorted face and my expression changes, which obviously is normal compared to the pros, but

I also feel deep deep anxiety or something, a nervous itch in the back of my brain and a tight chest and a clenched heart that feels like a heart attack coming on or something. Is it possible to die or have a stroke doing this ? Am I not relaxed enough ? Is this common ?

Usually I get a pretty good tone accuracy, it's still a fight as it's a new skill and my fingers aren't fully strong yet. It's more to do with tension I think. I'm trying to relax but just wondering if anyone else has this same feeling or maybe a doctor's advice
The only time I'll genuinely worry about my string snapping from a huge bend is on the high e or B. That being said, you don't have to do a 5 semitone bend.. Move up a couple frets and you'll only have to do a tone bend which is of course easier and you'll not have to worry about snapping a string.
You're bending a guitar string, the effort you're putting in is nowhere near close to the limits of what you're capable of...there's power lifters that can lift double their own body weight, free divers that descend to hundreds of feet without scuba gear and people in Mexico who run for miles at high altitude on shoes made of bits of old tyres.

You're just pushing a thin metal string string a few cm across a piece of wood. This is purely psychosomatic, there's no actual issue here.
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This is my usual ultra-cautious advice, but i'd maybe talk to your doctor, just in case. I'd suspect there's nothing wrong as mark says, but I'm also no doctor and I obviously couldn't categorically say for sure there's nothing wrong. Even if it is just* anxiety, your doctor can hopefully help with that, too.

* figure of speech, I don't mean that anxiety can just be brushed off as something insignificant or anything like that.
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