Hi guys!
Ive finished making the explorer guitar! and unfortunately am now stuck on wiring.
For reasons unknown, the emg 81 /85 set i salvaged from another guitar was wired weirdly.

Firstly, the fat shielded white wire (the wire with metal braiding covering the small white wire) is non existent and nowhere to be seen.

Secondly, the wires from the pickups consist of red white and black wires.

Thirdly, the emgs were grounded to the the metal nibs in the pickup cavities and other places. This all worked in the jackson king v i grabbed it out of.

I cannot find a wiring diagram for this as it is definitely not solderless like other emgs.

Can somebody please help? I want 1 vol and 1 tone.

Thank you!
I wired it up with one volume only
The pickups dont sound "full" as if the tone pot was on 0
But there is no tone pot! So whats happening?
I got it! the pickup was too low,,, strange since they are very close to the strings now, I dont have to raise the pickups that high on my other axes,, But it works atleast! Cheers guys
EMGs use very weak magnets so you have to raise them as close to the strings as possible to get the best results. Since the mags are so weak you don't have to worry about them affecting the sustain of the strings.