So i found this niceass strat on ebay and im trying to buy it
Im fairly new to guitar and dont know much but to me it looks like a floyd rose on this japanese '85 strat
Now to what i believe, floyd rose's are a hassle and not worth it unless it really involves your playing style
So read the pics and tell me what you think
I wont get it, if its going to be a hassle. I really want it because its a very noce guitar but let me know

Btw sorry if the pics are all cropped up
Ha the size was too big so i had to
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That tremolo is called the System I. Yes, it operates very similarly to a Floyd Rose, and from what I remember, has quite a good reputation. Whether you'd like it is up to you, but you can always block it, or put a piece of wood behind it for dive only.
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fenders version of a Floyd rose. they work fine are floating and the only issue you can have is that it locks behind the nut so make sure that it's set up good and the nut is cut right. don't lose the retaining nut for the trem arm as they are tough to find.