Im new here to UGForums, i was wondering what you would all classify as metal. im a classic metal fan, sabbath priest metallica etc, but i love some new bands like the sword and red fang, comparing to bands like gojira and such its hard to consider the sword metal, but comparing it to classic metal, its metal. just wondering your opinions. Thanks !
They're all metal, I dislike attaching tags and subgenres to bands, but in some cases it is necessary. Red Fang and The Sword are pretty much Stoner Rock/Metal, while Gojira would be some form of extreme metal (Wikipedia says technical death metal, progressive metal, groove metal).

Call it what you like, it shouldn't really matter. If someone disagrees, let them, no skin off your back.
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I don't really know how I would sum up what I think metal is, I just kind of 'know' when I hear something whether or not I consider it metal.
It's just hard with such a varied genre of music to pick out a few describing words for it when one thing might not be present in another band/sub genres specific style.
Even comparing bands, Gojira and Death are metal but so are Judas Priest and Black Sabbath and people will not argue that despite them sounding so different. On the other hand Avenged Sevenfold share similarity's to a lot of metal bands such as Priest and have the common stuff like distortion, double bass, speed, solos and riffs yet are considered not metal by many.

I think most people just dictate what is metal or not based on whether they like the band though, like 'metal' is another word for 'good' and 'not metal' is another word for 'bad'...Well, that's what I have come to understand reading threads and comments on UG anyway.
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If you wonder if a band is metal, you just play it to a teenager who listens to pop music. If they refer to it as "just noise" or "satanist music", it's metal.

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Metal music is what the majority of people think metal music is.

yeah, nice try.
I think I have a helpful answer maybe.

A lot of people often encounter this confusion and it's pretty simple really. The only meaningful genre division in Metal is 'Heavy Metal', ie; anything in the relative area-of-heaviness (which is totally a thing now) of NWOBHM, so stuff like Motorhead, Sabbath, Sword, Red Fang, what have you. Then you've got 'Extreme Metal', ie; anything in the relative area-of-heaviness of Tuetonic Thrash, ie; Kreator, Gojira, Death, etc.

There are gray areas, bands like Venom and scenes like the Bay Area, but overall it's a neater divide than most sub-genres of Metal.
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If you wonder if a band is metal, you just play it to a teenager who listens to pop music. If they refer to it as "just noise" or "satanist music", it's metal.

TIL Merzbow is metal.
TS, I recommend you have a read of the FIRST PAGE of the METAL RECOMMENDATION THREAD, that's pinned at the top of the forum. Some of our members put it together, and it has some excellent descriptions and artists to give you a clearer understanding.

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