So I have myself a Traynor YCV50 which I like very much. The gain channel is great and even has a boost switch. Say I wanted to create an even more high gain tone, would it be practicle to throw something like a tubescreamer over my already boosted gain channel? Would it make more sense for me to just buy a fuzz pedal and play it over my clean channel?
Aint nothing wrong with an overdrive in front of a dirty tube amp channel. I run a Bad Monkey into a Timmy and an EQ after that when I think I need even more boost again.
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i use an overdrive into the dirty channels of my amp all the time to get a lead tone. that is one of the main uses of an overdrive so knock yourself out.
That is fine, sometimes I use 2 OD's stacked for my gain sounds.
Set the OD up: volume max, gain 0 and tone to taste
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lol yeah, that is totally common and normal.

Boosts on amps are almost always pretty terrible. Just stack two ODs in front instead of using one OD and the built in boost.

Boosting your amp with ODs is absolutely nothing like using a fuzz. Completely different sounds.
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Welp that about sums it up right there haha, thanks guys. Any recommendations on a thick and fat OD pedal?

Playing live it might be weird to stomp on two pedals at once haha, but no big deal.
yeah as the guys have been saying it's actually normally the recommended way to do things

what exactly do you mean by "thick and fat"?

Something like a tubescreamer or sd1 is often used, but they cut the bass and boost the mids (or at least it appears that they boost the mids). Problem with not doing that is that things can get muddy. I don't really like boosts where I can't cut the bass.

Best bet might be to get something which is ts-style or sd1-style but which also has the ability to boost the bass. E.g. in the tubescreamer vein, the digitech bad monkey, hardwire tube od or way huge green rhino, or in the sd1 range the badass modified overdrive. that way you can see how it sounds with the bass boosted but if you discover things get too muddy you can dial it in to have the bass cut like a bog standard ts or sd1 too.

fwiw there's not a million miles between the ts and sd1- ts is a bit smoother, sd1 is a bit fizzier/edgier. they're in the same ballpark, though (both soundwise and circuit-wise).

If you want to run two od pedals I like combining a ts- or sd1- type pedal with a more transparent pedal- e.g. timmy, boss bd2, marshall bluesbreaker, something like that. I think cath does that too.
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