Hey ya'll. When I run my Proco turbo rat on a high volume setting (into a Vox AC30) I notice the sound loses all of its attack. It's almost as if there is a momentary "step up" in the volume when I really dig in and play loud. As if the chords quicly "fade" in. It sounds something like a huge amount of compression, i know distortion compresseses the signal, but this is rediculous!
Any thoughs what might be going on. If it helps any, the Turbo Rat has enormous output. Might it be clipping the preamp tubes or something?
I've not played with that combination (I've played a Rat in store once). I don't think this should produce the type of compression you're talking about here with a loss of attack. Distortion will reduce the dynamic range like compression, but I wouldn't expect this type of attack.

If you lower the output level of the Rat, does that affect the compression affect? Or change the distortion level? It might provide more clues, even if if it's not the sound you want. Maybe there's some type of auto leveling or bias or something in the AC30 that responds to a sudden high volume input?