So, I have a cheap angled 4x12 cab that i'm not too fussed about, it's a little knocked up, speakers aren't great.

I was thinking, it would be cool to spraypaint a nice design on the black cloth covering the speakers.

Would this be okay to do? Would it block the sound or something like that? (I would obviously take the cloth off when I spraypaint it then remount the cloth on the cab)
Haha I was sitting here reading the post, just thinking..."Please, take off the grill, Please, take off the grill!!" and boom there it is at the end.

I've done it before, though, I just removed the speakers, taped the edges of the cab, and sprayed. I would think taking the cloth off of the baffle, you could possibly tear it and it may not go back on as cleanly. And if you spray it like i did, there's no issues of getting the design lined up correctly. Though if it's just a beater cab, go for it.
I'm thinking 'draw' the pattern out with masking tape, take grill out, spraypaint so only the bits I want done are painted, then put the grill back in.

And yeah, never gonna sell it probably, might manage to flog it for a low price, or give away free if I really need to be rid of it :p
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This information is just coming from experience painting other things, not grill cloth, and pulling it out of my ass....
The instructions on most spray cans say spray from 10 - 12 inches away.
I would double that.
Do one spray, wait to dry, then do another, and so on till done.
It will waste a lot of paint, but each time you spray, you will only get a very light coat on it.
This MAY prevent clumping in some areas, especially on a grill cloth where the spaces between the threads may be very close together.

Like I said, I just pulled this idea out of my ass, so it may not work as I think it will.
But I do think there is some logic behind my madness.