Soo I just woke up and saw this friend of mine called me 7 times during my sleep! I get very annoyed when people call me back more than twice if I can't answer the phone and I don't redial more than twice either as it seems very impolite. What do you think? How many times is the most you should call someone when unanswered?

I call once, and if they answer they answer, if they don't I send them a message on facebook/email letting them know I called, I don't like answering machines
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What if he was dying or stranded or something?

If it's late I usually ignore it once, maybe twice. After that I start to get concerned.

Personally, I only ring someone once.
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I keep calling until they pickup. It's worth the amount of rage i get pounded with over the phone.
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What if he was dying or stranded or something?


Well if he was, wouldn't it be a better idea to call someone else who would pick up rather than calling me again and again ? He has other friends as well

Meh, i'll try redialing a couple of times. Then i'll send an SMS explaining what i want to talk about and asking to call me back when the person has the chance.

If it's really important, though, instead of sending the SMS i'll keep trying to call in 15-30min intervals.

But mostly i just send SMS's instead of calling.
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I'm really impatient so i keep calling people 'till they answer...'

Not really, but I don' think it's rude to call a couple of times.. Maybe if they don't answer after the third, then you should stop calling
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If I'm calling one of my friends and they aren't answering, I'll keep calling until they get pissed enough to answer it haha.
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i'm with you, i only call once. if i really have to, i wait like 15 minutes if possible before calling again.

i try not to see it as rude, just absolutely pointless.
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7 is kind of a lot. Call him back and ask if he was lost or sinking into a swamp marsh, and if so ask how that whole thing worked out.
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Twice and then you wait.
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Twice and then you wait.

This, unless it's very urgent and then I'll call again after a short period of waiting.
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call once & if they don't answer i never talk to them again. i don't have time for flakey friends.
Depends how well I know the person. If I know them well I'll call like 4 or 5 times before I get bored. I don't have any friends left.
Call once wait half an hour. Call onece again, if they don't answer they are f*cking busy and you try someone else.
Calling more than twice is asshole territory. Especially if it's particularly early or particularly late. Twice is only acceptable because the person not answering might not have heard it the first time.
Ca.. Calling? It's 2013. I don't know anyone that calls unless there's an urgent emergency situation.
different for different people, if a friend doesnt pick up the phone because he's sleeping when he's not supposed to and i'm feeling bored i'll call every phone that could possibly be anywhere close to him at any given time until progress is had
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call once & if they don't answer i never talk to them again. i don't have time for flakey friends.


If they aren't already calling ME by the time I'm halfway through dialing their number, I cut those flakey ****s out of my circle.

If my girl don't call me every 15 minutes, she gon' have to tell them neighbors she walked into a door frame for the next 2 weeks.

knock knock jokes? **** no my girl aint allowed answerin' those. You expectin' someone? sit down, bitch, I'LL get it.
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