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Hey guys, I bought a 6 string and a 7 string, both with Tremolo's and both are meant to be project guitars. The first thing I want to do is switch the pickups, but I'm not sure for what.

I hate active pickups (I've given them an honest try and really, passive is my thing), and these are guitars I'm going to use for Metal and Djent and maybe the lightest I'd go is Van Halen with these. I want them to be super dynamic and HONEST and not hide my playing at all, but I also want a low end tight enough to stop the Patriots in their tracks. I've been looking at:

Dimarzio Crunch Lab
Seymour Duncan Distortion
Dimarzio Jake Bowen Signature
Bareknuckle Misha Mansoor Signature
Seymour Duncan Nazgul
Seymour Duncan Pegasus
Seymour Duncan Custom 7
Dimarzio Super Distortion
Dimarzio Evo

For the neck position, I want tight low end and dynamics and so on from before, but more liquidy and warm and gorgeous, still retaining plenty of bite to it. So possibly:

Dimarzio Evo Neck
Dimarzio Liquifier
Bareknuckle Misha Mansoor Signature
Dimarzio Illuminator
Seymour Duncan Sentinent
Dimarzio Jake Bowen Signature

And of course I'd look into any other suggestions, so long as you include a way I could test them and see how they sound. THANKS!

Look at the aftermath series and the juggernauts.

I have a dimarzio evo 7 in my low end ibanez rg7321, and honestly, i found it doesn't sound much better than the crummy stock pickup haha, maybe a little teeny bit better.
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TL,DR if you are looking for your pickups they are probably in the last place you look
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Crunch lab/liquifire, aka the Petrucci set. Does everything you said. Can we assume your amp is decent?
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Super High Gain amp head; that's not a worry. I'm just focused on the Pickups.

Tubatarr, what's TL,DR?
From a little more research (YouTube videos and artists and stuff) I think I can modify my list a little.

Dimarzio Titan
Dimarzio Crunch Lab/Liquifier
Duncan Nazgul/Sentinent
Bareknuckle Aftermath

Any other thoughts? Anyone know when the Titans will even be out? Are they now?
Can't go wrong with the Petrucci set, got them in my Schecter Hellraiser Deluxe Fr(previously with and EMG 81/85 set), not disappointed one bit. The Crunch Lab gives a good boost to your gain and the Liquifire has the best tone I've ever heard in a neck pick up, both on clean and distortion.
But can the Crunch Lab/Liquifier do what the Titan can as far as tightness in the sound?