a needle, threaded 

with whiskers-
inevitable white and
thick as worms.

with a snitchsnatch

     a stitch in a timeframeless

              patchwork quilt of
buzzing neckachey-memory things.

i fidget around in 
you and sense myself to
fuzzy sleep like a cat.

            like a whiskery cat with 
needle pricked ears

you whisper breath, too shallow 
to take, smelling 
soberly of nightfrost.

            where do you sleep?
in noise
in breaths too shallow to take
in dreamsindreamsindreamsindreamsindreamsindreams
in flickling lobes
in [s]solitude[/s]loneliness
in [s]time[/s]space between frames
in paper before words
in certainty
Last edited by doubtfulsalmon at Dec 15, 2013,
especially 'neckachey' and maybe 'flicking lobes' were the only words that felt out of place. i wasn't sure if i liked the recurrence of 'whisker' and 'needle' but i think it fits. i like the way this ends and the pace of it, the way it feels like walking through an old empty home -eerie and familiar. thanks for the read.