I've been playing for around 10 years now and have mainly been playing rock. Don't get me wrong I love rock, but in a sense a lot of the guitarists use the same techniques and although they have different playing style a lot of it revolves around pentatonic riffs/solos, power chords, arpeggios etc.

What I want to discuss in this thread is guitarists with a slightly different approach. Johnny Marr and Robbie Krieger (Josh Homme also, but he's a bit too close to the pentatonic "classic" rock guitarists) to mention a few has helped challenge me as a guitarist due to their "different" styles.

Who challenges you as a guitarist? - And who do you think I should look into from here?
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Definetely Marty Friedman for me. His approach on soloing is pratically of a jazz guitarist but in Rock/Metal form, combined with exotic scales (mostly japanese ones) and I really enjoy learning his songs and solos, especially from his solo albums. There's a lot more of guitarists, but he's the first that comes to mind.
Maybe you'll like Brian Setzer, I don't know much of his stuff but I really liked what I heard.
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Seeing Eric Johnson live really changed the way I approach guitar/writing. Also listening to some unreleased Hendrix stuff changed my thinking.

Good mention on the Robbie Krieger. I was going to add that. :-)
F'kn (inb4 all the "he's so overrated" crap) john frusciante

edit: TS, who do you find to challenge you? Would be interested in hearing some guitarists who are above the masses that I may not know of
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Rowland S. Howard of the Birthday Party


Thurston and Lee of Sonic Youth


Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine


Keith Levine of Public Image Limited

Steve Albini and Santiago Drurango of Big Black
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Glenn Branca
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sound good

+1 for branca

In keeping with No Wave,

Arto Lindsay of DNA

Sumner Crane of Mars

Lydia Lunch of Teenage Jesus and the Jerks
I realize. That I hate the sound of guitars
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Wes Borland from Limp Bizkit at times has a very different approach to playing, writing, and structuring songs. You just have to dig deep into their catalog to find the gems where he stands out the most

Also Omar Rodríguez-López from The Mars Volta, John 5 and his chicken-picking stuff, and Buckethead (although a lot of his stuff is pentatonic based, i think)
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Moved to the rock forum. Seems like the right place to talk about rock musicians.
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Moved to the rock forum. Seems like the right place to talk about rock musicians.

I wasn't aware that chords, arpeggios pentatonic & japanese scales etc. didn't qualify as music theory. Anyway, you missed the point. This was about musical progress and inspiration rather than talking about rock musicians.
MT really is more of a general theory sub-forum. When you're talking about guitarists themselves it falls more in line with the rock sub-forum, but really this could even be placed in Techniques or Artists.
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez springs to mind. He definitely has a unique style (and approach).
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Listen to stuff from Japan. They have a really different apporaches to guitar playing.





Don't let the look fool you, these guys are pros. I was where you're at, everything seemed like it was already done. Then I started getting into these bands, and I felt like I had to learn how to play guitar all over again.
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