So Ill be playing guitar and when i switch pickups i lose all my tone and volume and get a very weak and quite clean sound. If I switch back to the original pick up i have all my distortion and tone again. Then if i switch to the pickup that was having problems its all good. This happens every once and awhile. The guitar is a bc rich mockingbird st with its original dunlop designed pickups. I think it has something to do with the toggle switch. My warranty is expired so i just wanted to know if you guys know what the problem is.
Maybe the soldering is a little bit used? You could check that otherwise I don't really know. Bring it to your music shop, they'll probably know right away if they open the guitar.
Probably the switch, maybe a bad solder joint connecting to the switch. Start there, though.
Open it up and take a look. If you see something that doesn't look right, or see a wire un-soldered or one barley hanging on, that is probably the problem.
It should be obvious (hopefully). Fix cold joints.
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I think it's the switch. Probably the same problem i had with my PRS months ago.
I'll just copy/paste what i wrote on another thread and that apparently fixed the problem:

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The problem TS described is the same i had in my PRS, and it was the switch indeed.

One of those contact "arches" in the middle, that the shaft pushes away to let the other make contact in the center, got loose.
And when i switched from neck to bridge, the "arch" would barely reach the center (causing a volume drop) or wouldn't make contact at all.

I simply fixed it by using a screwdriver to bend the "arch" into place, so that it would make pressure (contact) in the center.

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Nope, it's not dumb at all. I didn't know either until the problem came up and i opened the back plate on my PRS to take a look around.

As you'll see, the switch shaft in the middle position will allow (or should allow) the tip of both "arches" to meet with a contact in the center.
In that position, you're getting output from both pickups.

When you flick the switch to either position, the shaft will push away one of the "arches", leaving the other pressing against the contact in the center.
You'll get the output from the respective pickup to that "arch". Since the other is not connected to the center, you don't get the output.

If you notice that one of the "arches" isn't creating enough tension to meet in the center, that's probably the source of your problem.
Bend the base of the metal "arch", so that the tip presses against the center when the switch shaft releases it.

Sorry for the crude explanation, i tried to make it as clear as i could. Hope you understood what i meant!
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