I made this rap beat today on my pro tools. Advice/ Guidance please.

Good foundation. . . though I feel like it's a bit empty, just a bit though. Try some trumpets. . . maybe? Nah, trumpets, not gonna bring home the stacks on this, maybe a guitar sample with some distortion, or some scratches.
Also, it could use another another verse at the end, don't leave it, or your audiance, hungry; ya feel me? The bass is too MIDI (or tuba, I'm not sure. . . like I said, too MIDI), and maybe reduce the bass in the EQ. Watch your meter, there was one spot where I felt you were off, and try recording the vocals with a condenser mic, 'cause dynamicss cut that shit like baking powder.

Now for the pros, sorry to have started so negative, shit, that's just how I'm feelin' in these times, know what I'm sayin'? It has a good solid beat, your flow is pretty damn good, I'd ****s with that. I'm liking the piano (harkens back to 90s west coast), and it has a nice head noddin' tempo. It's good that the piano has breaks; don't want to drown people in that shit, kna mean? It's also really solid that you just start off with just the rhythm, it's a good, tried, and true way of submerging people into ya joint (pun only kind of intended).
Oh, and your lines are pretty tight. Writin' shit about weed isn't my shit in these times, I got bills n' shit, but that doesn't mean it's a dead subject, and you did good by it.
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Also, like damn, 'bout time somebody on here started tryin' hip-hop/rap. I'm liking the cut of ya jib man.
I agree with Jello. Change your bass sound. There could definitely be another layer of a lower/midrange sound. Something in the back but to help fill out the frequency spectrum. Another verse would be good. As far as vocals go, let it loose. Get a little more aggressive. I think you could stand to rap either higher or lower, whatever is more comfortable with you, but it will fit better tonally. I don't make much rap, so I don't have a ton of room to talk, just my first impressions.
thanks Guys, I understand where you are coming from most definitally. I defintially feel my vocal track, the bass frequency is way to high. I have cheap monitor speakers, they sound great on the pro tools program themselves, but when I export them to a MP3, there are mistakes that I was unable to hear on the original mix.

I definitally plan on going back and re mastering them, and adding a 2nd verse, Im trying to bring in some friends to do a 2nd and 3rd verse, So I kinda left it blank so they can listen and write to it at their house on their own time

I appreciate all the constructive critisizm, rather than the usual "go kill yourself fag" internet quotes lol