Hey guys,

I'm looking to start making some classical guitar videos for Youtube, and a lot of my arrangements are for 2 guitars.

Is there a freeware I can use to record a video of myself playing the first part, and then record the second part and sync the two videos side-by-side?

tl;dr/Clarification version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TH3TF6nfyi4

^ Can I record videos like this one with freeware, and if so what and how?

The old school Win XP movie maker can do it, it comes as a standalone for Win 7 users now. You can find it somewhere on Microsoft's site I think. Then you need to download a free plugin for it which does just that, don't remember the name but a quick google search will find what you want.
I don't know if it lets you do side by side, but for videos I use Lightworks. It's a decent bit of software and it's free
I used windows movie maker for a long time and it never had side-by-side video options, but it was XP- version, I didn't try W7 movie maker.
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