I'm looking for a nylon string classical guitar. Cutaway preffered but not required. My budget is $200. I am willing to buy new or used. I consider myself a good guitarist as I have been playing for about 5 years, but I'm looking to get into more fingerpicking and flamenco style. Not traditional flamenco but more like the kind of pseudo flamenco that some of the more modern guitar players are doing. So not really spanish music. Ill stretch my budget a bit if it'll get me a better guitar. I live in grand rapids michigan if that helps at all. Also my current most played electric guitar is an ibanez rg3exfm1 if that helps at all. Thanks!
Two possible routes on that budget. I just did much the same thing. I went down to Guitar Center and played a bunch of their lower-priced instruments.
The little 200 dollar Yamaha is not bad. Not stellar, mind you, but certainly a decent sounding little guitar. It's a laminate model. If you can kick in another 70-80 bucks, you can get the solid top version of the same instrument.

Note that this is about as "low as you can go" for a decent instrument. Oh, you can find nylon string guitars for under 100 bucks... But....

What I ended up doing was buying used. I hit Craigslist and found a very nice little solid-top Ibanez for 120 dollars. I'm pretty familiar with what to look for in a used instrument, and this one was in good shape. The model normally sells for 300 bucks, so I thought that was a fair price.
A set of new strings and the little guy is pretty nice for the type of playing I do.
What are some tried and true classical guitars that i should be able to get used for under $150?
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You may want to look used. I was shopping for a classical guitar about a year ago. I played some $200 new guitars at a shop, and was not happy with the tone, and I found problems with intonation. Then I found a 40 year old Garcia No. 1 at a pawn shop for $200 in mint condition, with case. Now, this is a Shery-Brenner model, which means it was assembled in Japan and apparently sold as being from Spain, which caused a bunch of flack and the guitars have had a bad name ever since. But they are actually well-made, and this guitar had a tone that blew away the new guitars I'd tried for the same price.

I couple months later, I decided to get a second one to have at work in case the urge hit me to practice there. I found a 40 year old Yamaha G255 on Craigslist which, again, had great tone and just one tiny scratch on it, got it for $135. It's better made than the Garcia -- better tuning pegs, intonation is more accurate, etc. -- but both have a similar rich tone. If you play them side by side with a $3,000 classical, you'll hear the difference, and they may not sound so great. But if you play them next to a brand new $200 classical, they sound way better.

So I recommend looking on Craigslist and, perhaps, Ebay (if you don't mind getting a guitar before you have tried it). I particularly recommend the Yamaha G255, and maybe the G235? (I think that's the next model down, but still very nice).

One advantage of the older guitars, apart from having a piece of history, is that there was not such a shortage of quality wood, so these guitars tend to have better quality woods than the $200 new guitars you'll find today, are not laminated, etc. And some say these woods get better with age.

I think there are sites that talk about the general quality and going rate for different older used classical guitars, where I did research before buying, but I don't recall what they were, and I suggest you google around to find them.

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What do u think of the Yamaha g50a?
My Electric Guitars:
Ibanez GSA60
Ibanez RG3EXFM1
Peavey Raptor Plus
Epiphone Les Paul Custom
Squire Telecaster Affinity (Has many famous musicians signatures so only played once)
I just looked online... An older model but apparently with a solid top and most of the information I saw indicates they are a decent instrument.....However with an instrument built in the 70s a lot is going to depend on condition.
I am from Spain but now i am living in Finland. I play guitar snce I was a child and I can say you one of the best guitar shop to ask for information is:


They speak english (i hope better than mine) and they are serious and cheaper than other. They sell HANDMADE guitars.
I have recomended this website to my friends in Finland and they are very happy to buy there and to get a very good information about what kind of guitar is the best.

I hope I can help you.