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I doubt UG is going to pick up this story but Buckethead just released "Coat of Charms", the fortieth album in his Buckethead Pikes series and the seventieth studio album in his career. It also holds the distinction of being the thirtieth album he has released on 2013 alone!!

If you havent been paying attention to his discography, this year has been a spectacular year for us Buckethead fans, since we have so much music we have gotten to a point where we are asking him to slow down a tiny bit.

Overall, the music in all these albums is of such variety that youll most likely find something you like, unless you are looking for vocals in the music, in that case you wont find any. There are more details about each album on wikipedia if you are interested, and here is the link to the latest album and the site where you can find all of them.

"Coat of Charms" album

Buckethead Pikes
Although I like Buckethead and he has written a lot of nice music, releasing so much music constantly isn't a good thing. No one can release music so often and keep the quality high. I haven't heard the recent albums but that's the impression I have from the previous albums he made.
He wouldn't be releasing them so quick if he had to write lyrics for them, and by that I mean decent ones not whatever string of words he comes up with, nothing against Buckethead.

Personally, I don't see releasing so many albums a year as a good thing, it comes off as an attempt to just throw everything he writes at the wall and hope it sticks instead of making one or two albums of his best material he made that year. In reality it's hurting his fans because they have to wade through the (metaphorical) shit to get to the good stuff; then again some people like every single thing he makes.
Not that difficult when all you do is mindless guitar wankery.
The more you say 'epic' the less it means.
i might be very biased but ive heard his entire discography throughout the years and my impression from this batch of albums is not that the quality has dropped. In fact, it has ups and downs with some albums being more experimental and ambient but that its like 4 or 5 out of 30. The rest of them find quite entertaining (Pike 13 is a must and most people love the shredding on Twisterlend which is free by the way).

If anything im overwhelmed by the big amount of material, aside from that i love the music and ill just rediscover it in time
what really amazes me is that honestly most of the new mass amount of stuff he has put out is not mindless wankery, it is thought out precise compositions and people underestimaate the genius of the man behind the mask, buckethead is a true freak of nature and a guitar god, people who just think its mindless notes apparently have no appreciation for jazz
^From my experience, the majority of people who call his music "mindless wankery" are people who have never actually listened to his stuff. Or they played Jordan on Guitar Hero and just associated all of his music to be that way. The alternative explanation is they just youtube'd his name and watched a few short clips of him noodling around and assumed that's all he does 100% of the time

I have friends that thought that way and then I made them listen to stuff off of Colma and Electric Tears and they pulled a 180 real fast on their opinion/assumptions. Sketches of Spain(For Miles) almost always pulls at the ol' heartstrings.
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I've always found his stuff to be up and down in terms of quality (or at least in terms of how much I like it - I'm not a fan of his "R2-D2 falling down a flight of stairs" stuff). I would listen to all these pikes albums to find the good stuff, but there's just too damn much of it.