For all ye HAM radio and whatever enthusiasts, I recently came across a Uniden BC75XLT scanner....

I'm looking some stuff up, and people are giving it rave reviews about being able to catch all sorts of frequencies. Anyways, after 2 hours and 2 sets of batteries later, I can't find shit all. I'm on my canadian band setting, I've been going through all frequencies and adjusting the squelch up and down to try and get something, but no luck. I got about 1 second worth of really gristly CB trucker talk.

Anyways, wtf? This thing is apparently awesome and I can't get shit all on it, I even tried looking up frequencies in my area and I can't get anything.

So other than that, anyone else here does this stuff? I'm sort of stumbling into this field as I just found this thing at my grandfather's.

I don't know, discuss?
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Fixed it for ya.
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Fixed it for ya.

See like I don't know even.

I'll just laught for the sake of it
I have an app for this but I wish it was a real scanner
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