I used UltimateGuitar.Com to learn the basics. Saved some favourite tabs (chord) etc.

But, to play whole songs through I ended up copying them to MS Word so I could copy the chords to the whole set of lyrics and adapt them.

I then signed up a good while back for for "Tabs" on my iPhone. Using the same username and password, I could sign in and access my favourites, although, unfortunately, the comments (which I'd always found handy for corrections weren't available on the 'app' version.

Recently I've got an iPad and installed the "Tabs" app on there. Slightly different to the iPhone app I think but I can still sign in using same username and password.

So my problem (confusion) began when I saw the "TabsHD" option.

What does HD stand for?

In Tab Tools,, which I paid to upgrade to, it says that you can 'customise tabs'.

I took this to mean that I could 'edit' tabs in this upgraded version.

It turns out that 'customizing' means simply that you can change the font size and color etc.

What I would like is to be able to build up a catalogue of my favourite tabs, edited to include full lyrics with chords that I can use offline.

Is this possible in any version of Tabs/TabsHD/Tab Tools etc etc etc.

I want to be able to dispense with my paper tabs.