Hi everyone, I'm trying to learn a new song but I'm in a bit of a jam. The song is How Can I Keep from Singing. It's not the type of song I'd usually try to learn, but my grandma requested it for Christmas and I couldn't say no. The problem I'm having is I can't find tablature or even chords for the particular version I'm trying to learn and after hours of trying to figure it out without either I'm feeling pretty discouraged. I've found tablature for other easier arrangements, but nothing that sounds like the original gospel version my Grandma is hoping to hear. Would any of you be awesome enough to tab out the first few measures or even just list the chord fingerings? This what I'm trying for: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FTIe-ckx9u4
I played along with this you tube version with no capo and just using the simple chords C Bb and F and Dm7 and it sounded good to me... Sounds also like he is tuned down about a half step as well....

My two cents is to not over think the song and just basically play it without a capo in standard tuning and use the chords C F and Bb and Dm7 as I stated... If you want a capo like him I can transpose these chords for you ... But to me it really isn't necessary...

Whenever I do a song I really never look at how someone else is playing it and basically just go by the sound and what I hear... You can always add your own little touches on the song like he is with hitting the E bass string here and there but truthfully on my little computer speakers I can not even here that... And when I play I do all that naturally anyway....


F                   Bb      F
My life goes on in endless song
               Dm7  C
above earth's lamentations,
             F            Bb      F
I hear the sweet, though far-off hymn
              C     F
that hails a new creation.
   F                   Bb        F
Through all the tumult and the strife
            Dm7   C
I hear the music ringing,
             F   Bb     F
It finds an echo in my soul.
           C         F
How can I keep from singing?

If you like my version and need more help just let me know...if not, I tried to do an easy version I thought your grandmother would recognze and enjoy and easy to sing to without making it complicated..... And basically all these chords are done with little movement of the fingering like he is playing.... I mean the Dm7 and F are almost identical but with one finger/note removed...and the Bb can be made easily from an F chord... The only one you have to move a little more to form is the C ....
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