Has anyone in the pit tried it? I've done some sensory deprivation stuff at home before, experiments with sleep paralysis while listening to very dense music in pitch blackness, etc. and was wondering if anyone had any experience with the float tanks. There's a place in town I'm looking to try out.
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How do u sleep paralyze yourself, that shit usually happens when I least expect it...when I'm sleeping.
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what if you dropped acid then went into a sensory deprivation tank?

I'm curious, and I volunteer you TS, in the name of science.
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what if you dropped acid then went into a sensory deprivation tank?

I'm curious, and I volunteer you TS, in the name of science.

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After hearing Joe Rogan talking about them on his podcast i've been wanting to try it out. Can't spare the money at the moment though and i'm also kinda claustrophobic.
I saw this for the 4th time on The Simpsons the other day.

Quite weird that you happened to mention this today.
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I want to try it sometime. The closest place that currently has one is 2 hours away and I'd have to be going there anyway. And it's pretty expensive, But I think last time I researched it there was a place in town that was going to have them next year.
Yeah I've floated 5 times, each hour long sessions. Usually would go on a friday after a weeks worth of work and found it really good! not only does it relaxe your body and really helps lose all the tension but you get the whole exploring of your mind as well haha first float took me awhile to stop thinking and sorta let go but the more you float the deeper you get. In the end though all the hallucinations you see and hear, which you definitely will experience are just because your brain is being deprived and is trying to stimulate itself sooo its good if you wanna go relax and see some cool stuff but I dont think you can really take anything spiritual away from it if thats what you're thinking, just my opinion anyway. definitely try it! I would recommend it to anyway for a variety of different things eg it feels like floating in space haha
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what if you dropped acid then went into a sensory deprivation tank?

I'm curious, and I volunteer you TS, in the name of science.

its da bomb on dxm, trust.
I've done it once, there's a place uptown and I went for my birthday. I just started seeing lights flow and I lost track of time. I didn't get a full blown wake induced lucid dream or out of body experience or anything, which I was hoping for but it was still cool and worth it
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oh my god the terror

You would be totally ****ing bored and wonder why you would waste an acid trip in a tank.
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how to do this shit at yer place:
step one: fill up yer bathtub
step two: turn on the white noise
step three: lights out
step four: put a sleeping mask thing over yer eyes
Is there any sound playing? If not, then hell no.

When I read the title I was thinking of dark, anechoic and heavily-soundproofed rooms in which case the answer would have been yes (but it's really eerie) but now I realise it's something else, I have definitely never done this lol.
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I did it a few times, pretty neat, but nothing spectacular. First time was an hour silent, next time I did it with some ENo playing, music for airports. It was better with music. You do have a heightened sense of things for about 1/2 an hr after you get out.

Most units have underwater speakers where I was.

The whole point is sensory depravation though, so the music kinda defeats the purpose
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Well, no music/background noise for me would mean I'm sitting there listening to my tinnitus for an hour… not the most fun way to spend an hour, even when you're reasonably accustomed to blanking it out, I assure you
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
I've been interested, but haven't been in one yet.
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its da bomb on dxm, trust.

Oh man, that sounds amazing
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You would be totally ****ing bored and wonder why you would waste an acid trip in a tank.

It would probably be horrifying. You'd get completely lost in your thoughts. The tanks can bring auditory and visual hallucinations without drugs. I'm sure it would be a pretty intense experience on a psychedelic.
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Sounds pretty boring really. Never liked the idea of hallucinations either, I got sleep paralysis as a child which is pretty much exactly the wrong time to get it. Try telling a kid that blob isn't a ghost.

Small amounts of mushrooms with good company is a pretty good vibe, wouldn't get to the 'tripping' point myself though, the furthest I've gone is seeing the shower curtain waving when the window was closed. Not exactly a psychonaut or anything.
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