How do you all find them? (to those who have them).

Is there any tendancy for possible hearing loss? (Being closer to the ear canal and the lack of noise-cancellation)

I'm using a pair of apple earphones at the moment, and find I have to (sometimes) keep pushing them into my ear, which, I can imagine might not be terribly perfect.

On the other hand, I could splurge a little on a pair of V Moda Crossfade LP. Would there be a tendency for noise cancellation or more 'hearing safety' with those, or with headphones in general?

* I'm not terribly interested in amaaaazing sound quality, mainly just in useability (not feeling horrid on the ear, not falling out or off etc), safety of hearing, and lifetime of the unit.*
I love my apple earpods, I don't use apple products because I don't like their OS but the earpods are just too good to ignore. I had to buy mine from ebay, it was only 59 dollars after shipping and handling, but you can find them for less if they're second-hand. I find they offer an unparalleled level of isolation and a very natural tone overall. It has a nice deep bass response, rich mids, and clear full highs. Best part is you don't need to waste money on a headphone amp or DAC like a lot of other products in a similar price range. They're super durable too, I've had this particular pair for three years and they're still in great condition with no signs of letting up.
I can't even remember using them but they even look terrible. Those ones you gotta fight to fit in your ear are automatically awful
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I don't like earbuds. Never really have. They don't fit my ears well, usually.

I love my Earpods, though. I got some for free a couple of times, and they're far more comfortable than regular earbuds, and they have nice sound, all things considered.

They're not perfect, and they're not the best, but they're the only earbuds I can wear, and I enjoy them.
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I can't even remember using them but they even look terrible. Those ones you gotta fight to fit in your ear are automatically awful

They're kind of a hybrid earbud.

They're not really in-ear, because it doesn't go deep into your ear, like normal in-ear headphones do, but just don't just rest on top, either.

They go in JUUUUST a little. Just enough to be able to not just fall out every time you move. And you get a bit more sound in your head, too, so that's nice.
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See if you can find nocs. Those are brilliant for their price. In-ears though.
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I use Urban Ears Medis for earbuds. Comfortable, sound good, and they don't have to be shoved in your ear like a bloody butt plug.

edit: That reads really poorly at the end but idgaf
spend 300-500$ on some headphones you wont be let down m8
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The earpods are a huge improvement over the original earbuds, but one of the main reasons I use them is that I like the built-in remote and mic. For sound quality, there are probably a lot of other options out there for the same or lower price. I prefer over-the-ear phones for listening, but I'm a grown up and I can't exactly show up to work with big phones on my head, lest I be ridiculed by the pack.
I've been using earpods for over 6 months now.. I don't like the sound from any other earbuds now .. best cheap earbud around, even though im not an apple fanboy

they make my ears ring
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I like them, they're the only earbuds I've had that actually stay in my ears. I mainly use them for working out, jogging or casual listening, and the sound quality is okay enough for that. I have a set of over the ear headphones when I want really good sound quality.
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They are awesome for a free, standard pair of headphones. That said, they're worth about $30-40 in my opinion and you can do a lot better with aftermarket headphones. But they do have an uncanny ability to fit almost any ear shape that a lot of other earbuds cant match. Check out Sennheiser, Vmoda, and Bose IE2 (if less than $70 they're a good deal). Just my .02

For usability, the Apple earbuds are pretty damn good if you ask me. Much more durable than my Bose, but I have a feeling Sennheisers would trump both. Find a store with a money back guarantee and try them, else you'll end up crapshooting and trust me it can go horribly wrong in terms of fit and feel.
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They make my ears absolutely kill after a while
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They're ok. Nothing more, nothing less. I myself have a set of Bowers & Wilkins C5s, which are phenomenal. Using other in ears just makes me sad now.

Anyways, as an aside, learn what noise cancellation is, TS. You rarely find noise cancellation with in ears, as it is an active system. What happens is, the phones will have a little microphone, some circuitry, and some more drivers (generally).The microphone picks up outside noise, flips it upside down, and the extra drivers play this negative, with the two signals cancelling each ither out. Only really works with a constant sound, like jet engines.

With in ears, what you're looking for is noise ISOLATION. This is highly dependant on how well the in ears fit in your ear, creating a tight seal. This stops a lot of sound going in, but also improves bass response.
they're absolute shite mate


nah, i don't use apple products, so I wouldn't know
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