So i've recently started writing proper songs for the band i have completed one and started on a new one.

Now they both go in the same key if i have understood how that works and they go almost identical chord progression but with two completly different rythms and feels to it.

Now my question is this, Is this a common thing to do? I know i still got alot to learn when it comes to songwriting and to be honest i need much more ear training but yeah.

Love, Syobdaed.
Well, it's probably because you are more used to playing in that key. My band has two songs that have almost the same chord progression and are in the same key, but they don't sound similar at all, however, we try to avoid playing them in sequence live. I think it's a pretty common thing, you don't need to write all songs in a different key or with a differente chord progression, you just need to avoid making them sounding the same.
As i was thinking then, and yes props because of lacking in the ear department im more comfy playing in the key of a but practice makes perfect.

Thanks for the quick and good answer.
The thing is, certain chord progressions are very common. Listen to a pop song and I'm pretty sure there's another pop song in the radio that uses the same chord progression. Remember that chords aren't the only thing in music. You said the songs have different feels and rhythms. That makes them sound different.

Music isn't all about notes and chords. There are a lot of other things that make your song sound different.

Here is a video of songs that use the same chords. And there are a lot more songs that use the exact same chords.


I would suggest watching Victor Wooten's Groove Workshop (it can be found on Youtube). It has some really good stuff in it. I know it focuses on bass guitar but so what? The same info applies to all instruments and music in general (and also, Victor says in the video that you shouldn't play the bass, you should play music).
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Axsis of awesome is great, watched them before. Never heard of victor wooten, mostly watch andrew wasson on creativeguitar ( even though some of the stuff he says are atm to fussy for me )

Yeah i think i just got paranoid for a second there when it came to the chord progression.