Im a divorced dad (40) and just started playing about 5 years ago. I love it. Since my first Yamaha acoustic Ive aquired a Gibson LP studio, Strat, Fender Jazz bass, Martin 12 string, a uke and a handful of pedals along with a very nice looping station.

I have 50% custody of my daughter, and after the new wife I had a baby the 'music room' became the nursery. Since my daughter's room is huge and she only uses it half the time I moved all my gear up there. She also dabbles a bit but hasnt shown much dedication there. However....

She sings. Really well. She takes voice and is getting picked for elite choirs, school plays with solos... that kind of stuff.

I also bought her a mic and PA system and she creates her voice tracks and sings over them. Only thing is its a guitar looping station so sound isnt best for voice, and there are no editing or controls.

So we picked up I-rig so she could start messing around with stuff.

So my question (very open to suggestions) is where to go next.

Haves: PA system and speakers, PA microphone (average quality) and lots of i-devices to plug into.

Needs(?): Well... its Santa is coming so I was looking at one of these:

But Im in the dark on good software for mixing vocals. Suggestions?

Anyone use this for mixing guitar/bass stuff also?

I know this is a bit vague, and honestly part of what I am looking for is direction.

Thanks folks!
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All you need is a basic DAW. Something like REAPER for $50 would do you perfectly... but you'll need more than a PA to actually get the sound into the computer... and that link isn't working so I don't know if that is an interface or not xD
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