First, let me say thanks to everyone at UG who has been patient with all my noobie posts over the last couple years.

Now that's out of the way, here's a follow up post to a thread I started earlier, about how my wife ripped the bridge off of a classical guitar I had. It came away clean, looks like all I have to do is glue the bridge back in place, perhaps after a bit of sanding to get both surfaces smooth for best adhesion.

I've been reading on use of Titebond Wood Glue versus Hot Hide Glues (of which I think the same company makes a version). It sounds like there's a real risk if I leave the guitar in my car on a 100+ degree day, the regular wood glue may very well not hold up given that the bridge is under constant, significant tension, but this level of heat would probably not affect Hot Hide Glue... Hmmm. I just had a thought if I used the regular Titebond and made sure I religiously unwound the strings if I were ever going to leave it in a place where it might heat up, to take off any tension from the bridge, then perhaps the regular Titebond would work fine....

But, anyway, my question is about clamps. The glue is easy, but I don't want to have to by special clamps I'll only use once. Is there a cheap or easy general purpose clamp set (like from Home Depot) or other jury-rigged clamp system that might work for this?

The guitar was $200, so that's why I'm reluctant to pay luthier to fix it "right," and am willing to try my own fix, if I can solve clamping issue.

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If you leave your guitar in a car on 100+ degree day, you can have a lot more problems than just the bridge separating again. There's more than just the bridge that's glued together and depending on how humid it is, neck warp can happen. Fret board, neck, etc. It's not a good idea no matter what.

As far as clamps, get rubber tipped ones, and you should be fine. Put like a short piece of wood on top of the bridge to clamp to, to help distribute pressure, that way, you should only need one.
So, I can find that kind of clamp at a home improvement store?

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