I wanted to put a few stickers on my acoustic steel-string guitar, but im worried about the sound being altered. will this happen or is it ok?
on an acoustic, in theory, I'd say yes. but i doubt it's going to be a night and day difference.
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also, when i think about it. I have a friend who installed a pickguard on an acoustic that didn't have one and it didn't alter the sounds. so probably wont do anything. I say go for it. if it makes it sound terrible, remove them.
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I saw Pantera live once, Dime changed into a body bag right there on stage.

Don't worry about it. The singer in my last band used an acoustic about 50% of the time. No stickers when we started. He put a few stickers on there, nothing changed. Not that we could hear.
You're putting the stickers on top of the clear coat anyway, not bare wood. You will be fine.
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As long as the top can resonate, you're not going to notice a big change with a few stickers. I don't put stickers on my guitars, but I do notice if I lift my right arm away from the body of my acoustics, that the sound becomes clearer. Putting a few stickers on it won't replicate that effect.
if your thinking of putting stickers on your axe, chances are it isn't worth a lot so it won't devalue it. go ahead and have some fun with it. just dont put any over that big hole in the middle.
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Hi friends, I am looking for a complete body sticker, or something similar for my boyfriend's Squier Telecaster guitar. but can not find anything reasonable price regards. I've been told to use vinyl not to damage his loving guitar, but I asked at a printig shop and they asked me 100 € (chosing my own picture) anyone can help me?? thank you very much , ...... long live to rock!!