I had a thread yesterday in the electric guitar forum, and people there were pretty helpful.

But now, I need help with the amp. I need an amp that is good for both metal and rock genres, noting that I will be mostly playing in my room in an apartment, with headphones most of the day, and maybe, probably; without in the morning when the neighbors are in work.

My budget is around 600 USD/Eur. I might be able to push it a bit if it is crucial. And used is kind of not an option :P

Some of the bands that I like:
Adelitas Way. Alter bridge, All that remains, Asking Alexandria, A7X,
Black Mages ( One of the main reasons for falling in love with the electric guitar),
Breaking Benjamin, Bring me the horizon, Bullet for my valentine,
City in the Sea, Crossfade,
Dark new day, Dead by april, Disturbed, Dream Theater (Very Important as well), Drowning Pool, Dry cell,
Egypt Central, Escape the fate, Evans blue, Eye Empire, Evanescence
Falling in Reverse,
Ill Nino, In this moment,
linkin park, Lovex,
Red, Rev Theory,
Saliva, Seether, Shinedown, Sick Puppies, Sixx am, Soil, Sleeping with sirens, submersed,
three days grace, trapt, trivium ,
we are the fallen,
10 years, 12 stones.

I got suggestions such as the Vox VT amp, Blackstar HT-20, and Vypyr 30. I'm pretty sure that the meesa/boogie dual is probably the best, but it's really expensive for me, at least until I become better.

Thank you very much.
Definitely look at the Peavey Vypyr Tube 60. Should be able to get it under your budget. Looks like you're new to playing, and your budget is a good budget for what level it looks like you are at. You'd have to get it used, so is there a specific reason why used is not an option?

Used markets are great, especially in a down economy (you didn't note your country) and you may be able to find more than you think you can.
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He's in Kuwait where finding stuff used may be tougher. I'm sure we can suggest multiple amps but, maybe you can list places(stores) you want to buy from online or what's near you so we don't waste a bunch of time.
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I'd go for a super clean tube platform and run something like the line 6 pod HD through it. That'll be the most versatile i think. A VHT special 6 will be cheap and small and a very basic platform to run the POD through
Well, as Blackfire stated, I'm in Kuwait.

There are couple of shops here, selling Vox Amps and some others I believe, still didn't get the chance to check them out.

I've been thinking of getting them from Amazon or maybe Ebay.

So, I assume a Line 6 pod hd is a must for effect ?
Umm, I've been watching a lot of videos, and reviews in Youtube, and I think I will get the Pod HD 500.

Is it a good idea to get the pod hd 500 with the Line 6 spider IV ? I've read somewhere that the sound isn't good when you plug the pod to the spider iv, and it sounds better when the headphones are plugged.
The power amp is shittiest part of a Spider. If you go the pod HD route, all you need is a flat response monitor. Any powered PA speaker will suffice. A powered wedge is probably the best way to go but just buy the best powered PA bin you can afford. Go for >100W and at least a 12" speaker. Smaller ones are usually crap.
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If you could get a Recto, that would be absolutely perfect. I'm not sure it's in budget though. I honestly believe you would be in heaven with one though. That deep, liquid, crushing gain is perfect for most of that music. Some of those bands have a Marshally vibe (Mainly the more mainstream ones) but a Recto would cover that stuff fine too. A JCM type amp might sound a little lacking for stuff like Asking Alexandria and Escape the Fate.

5150/6505 could fit the bill too. Bullet for My Valentine uses them, or at least they did on their older stuff. Room 409 is a perfect example of it.

Maybe I'm old fashioned, but your music tone just isn't all that varied. And because of that lack of variation, I wouldn't suggest a modeler. I think one amp that nails one amazing tone is your best bet. Not a single one of those bands would sound bad through a Recto, and hell, some of them would probably sound better through a Recto.
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^ Well, a Mesa Boogie amp was the first amp to be suggested for me, and unfortunately; it's above my budget. I mean, I could get it, but then I can't get an electric guitar :P

Also, what do you mean by "Your music tone is just isn't all that varied" I just posted some of the bands that I could get on top of my head. I mean, I also like some of the "classic" bands, if that's what you mean.

Any other suggestions would be great.

Thank you.