Saw this guitar at Sam Ash and it's stunning. Maybe the prettiest strat I've ever seen. I've looked around a little bit, but can't find it left-handed. Is this a fender custom shop issue? Special order? Is it even possible? Thanks guys, being lefty is rough sometimes
Yeah, it's very difficult to find lefty Fender guitars at the top of their line. A lot of my friends have learned to play righty even though they're left-handed. A surprising number of really good guitarists do that (Neal Schon is one).

Try Wild West guitars in Riverside, CA; see if they've got what you need. They have one of the biggest selections of high-end Fenders I've ever seen in one place: http://wildwestguitars.com/
They have more bolt-neck guitars with four-figure (and five-figure) price tags than the next thirty Guitar Centers. If they don't HAVE what you want, they're just a few miles from Suhr and Fender Corona, and they can GET what you want.

A very cool bonus, if you ever get to their location (it's hidden in a light industrial complex, with almost nothing to tell you what it is -- you've really got to know) is the Voodoo Lounge in the back. http://www.voodoolounge.org/ It's a whole private club, complete with great stage and lighting, good sound system, VIP lounges, the whole shot. But Private -- if you're not a member, you don't get in. The website doesn't do it justice.
thanks man! It's way too late for me to learn to play right handed at this point and it can be a real pain to find anything higher end. I really appreciate it.
Might I also suggest you look at some of the other high-end "Strats" out there?

Adirondack Guitars has a fair number of G&Ls, for instance:

Wildwood guitars has a reputation for being able to get unusual guitars from some very good makers:

And US Masters will let you customize their models extensively:

Or you could go to a luthier like Jon Kammerer:
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you might have to special order it but I'm pretty sure fender offers leftie versions of most of their strats. just don't expect most places to stock them. as for being a leftie and playing right well that's me. when I started playing back in the late 70s leftie guitars were next to impossible to find period. after a year of flipping the crappy guitars I could afford I started from scratch and played rightie. personally I found it easier as now I use my dominant hand for making chords and scales.
Im pretty sure you can buy a lefty of that model right off the fender site, or at least get a dealer link. If not you would have to contact some kind of custom shop or store that sells those higher end strats.