I've been playing acoustic for about 3 years with 11-52's strings on, so fairly thick, I've had a PRS Custom 24 SE for about 3months but can't seem to adjust to it at all, it has 9-42's on them. Originally I was going to increase the gauge but I'd have to widen the nut (which I'd rather not for resell purposes).

I can play stuff like purple haze etc, but the 'wide-thin' neck just feels too thin on my larger hands, the strings feel like theres nothing under my finger tips which makes me fret them too hard (esp the higher strings) since I can't really feel them too well. I know I'm probably pressing too hard, but I've found it really difficult switching between acoust/electric and being gentle one minute then harder the next. I think the really low action adds to this as well.

I was wondering what kind of electric guitars people have got if they started out on acoustic?

or even any suggestions as to what guitars you might think I could try out that might work better for me than what I have at the moment. (I.E Something that is closer to an acoustic to play, but be an electric guitar)

you should try 10's there shouldn't be any reason to change the nut plus resale you can always replace the nut for not to much. my guess is it's plastic, some people swear changing to bone makes a big difference anyways.

as for the neck i like the fender c shape myself but it really all depends on personal preference.

i started out acoustic and now play a stratocaster

if the action is bothering you bring it to a shop and tell the guy what you want and get them to set it up for you.

personally I'd suggest trying a les paul and a fender strat or tele but really if you are looking for something different and comfortable go in and play and feel them it's really the only way.
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Like he said you may want to try out some .10 gauge strings. Also the more you play it the quicker your hands will adapt to the guitar.
I'd try getting it set up first and bumping up the string gauge. no need to do anything with the nut.

If that doesn't work, search for a les paul with a fatter neck and if the neck feels good you can always have the action adjusted and mess with string gauges to suit your needs
Yeah, I'm considering dropping some for a proper setup, with an increase in gauge and some higher action (it buzzes a fair bit).

I had someone else play it, and while he said there was nothing technically wrong with it, said that it didn't 'feel' right either. Seeing as it is my first guitar, I know what kind of things to look for if I decide to get another one. (I did pick this up pretty cheap at 600$ down from 950$ AUD)