Hello, I'm Matt and I found a site to start learning guitar called http://1webhosting.net/learnguitar/ I was wondering if anyone else
has tried this or would I be better off watching youtube videos or something.

I don't usually like to pay monthly's for anything but its not much money though.
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Honestly, if you can afford it, its best to get lessons in a 1 on 1 schedule with a teacher. I take lessons and there's a lot of things Ive learned that I don't think I could properly with online videos. But if you'd prefer to keep it online Id say there are better sites then that like Jamplay.com or guitarmasterclass.net. But, overall the choice is yours. Some people can learn just by free sites and videos but I have trouble learning unless I can be walked through it.
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Have you checked out the lessons and articles here?
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Hi guys,

This is the best online guitar lessons site imho. There are general lessons and note for note solos. Great teaching and a lot of free videos too. The site is