Hi im relatively new to the floyd rose and to electric guitars in general.

I was restringing my Ibanez RGIR20E with the edge zero II i believe and after restrining i noticed the bridge looked rather odd. the front of the bridge looked like it caved in or something and the back was waaaayy too high. I tried using the allen wrench to raise the front but it ended up raising the back of the bridge instead. Help would be greatly appreciated
Don't mess with the posts. You probably put heavier strings on it than it had originally. You need to put lighter strings on it, or tighten the spring claw on the back. The posts adjust the bridge height.
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youtube my good sir, thats how i learned how to set my floyd rose special for a 7.
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Yeah, I'm pretty sure your new strings are heavier than your old strings. You need to adjust the springs.

What gauge of strings do you use and in what tuning?

Tuning lower also solves the problem. But this is why Floyds only really work on one tuning.
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