Anyone know of any models for a guitar described in the title? I can't seem to find one anywhere
tons of them. what is your budget? and where do you live ?
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
more specifics could help us make suggestions. btw, are you looking for a parlor or a 3/4? a few that come to mind in a variety of prices:

the taylor GS mini is a sort of large small guitar, solid top, sounds good, 1 11/16" nut. has a fairly unusual electronics situation that's easy to work with.

larrivee makes some nice parlors with electronics. they're all all-solid guitars, nice finishes, i believe they have 1 3/4" nuts. some have cutaways. one of my personal favorites from larrivee

or you could buy a blueridge BR-341 (i own one and love it) and have electronics installed - if you're in the u.s., maury's will install them before shipping the guitar - i think they start at an extra $150something

and there's always the little martin (which i prefer the tone of to the baby taylor or the yamaha jr1) - here's the version with electronics:
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I have a parlor but it's not electric-acoustic. It was my first guitar. I love mine by KONA and is durable. I've had it for coming up on 2 years and I still love it. I paid like $125 I think over at Guitar Center. As for electric-acoustic I've had a rough time finding one. I don't wanna pay over $250 for it so it all depends on budget. Check local stores and big brands like GC.
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