I just bought a Wah wah pedal off ebay and i'm not sure if its broken or not.
It looks new but if i hit the button to activate it the sound just shuts off.
I've changed the 9V battery already which did not help.

Am i doing something wrong?
I'm inexperienced with pedals.
Setup is Fender Strat -> Dunlop GCB95 -> Roland Cube 20X
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhpk6It7XLo

It's exactly as you describe it! Stereo cable on input. Works fine for output though.
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Most pedals use a stereo jack on the input.
This works like a switch to connect the battery or other power source to the circuit.
But it only works that way with a mono cable.
It works as an on/off switch for the battery. Plug it in, and your battery is connected, unplug it and the battery gets disconnected so it doesn't drain.
Very well explained, i appreciate it!
now i know why they recommend unplugging the instrument to save battery.

Thx mate!
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