I'm looking at buying either a multieffects pedal or an overdrive pedal for my bass guitar. My budget is is around £150. This will be used solely for bedroom playing, as I play for fun and do not intend to play in a band or gig. I love the sound of an overdriven bass, and have looked at a Boss ODB3, and particularly love that the sound can be varied between "dry" and "wet", as having the dry signal still noticeable behind the wet signal sounds great to me. However, I may get more bang for my buck with a multieffects unit, allowing me a much greater variety of tones to play with. Any opinions would be helpful!
The big muff delux is better than the boss when the blend and overall sound in my opinion.

Though I will throw the source audio soundblox 2 multiwave bass distortion in the ring. Such a great pedal with a lot of tone shaping and a 3 band eq in the pedal.
Not sure what the used prices would be in your area but you might want to consider the Boss GT-10B (for Bass) very successful and useable multieffect w/expression pedal for bass guitar.
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Do you need an OD effect or different kind of effects? If you only need an OD effect, buy an OD pedal. But if you also want other kind of effects, buy a multi FX. Multi FX is also a good way to learn how different effects work and to find out which effects you like and need.
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Worth noting that if OD is your focus that the distortion on most multieffects pedals is the worst part, they're usually dreadful.
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Worth noting that if OD is your focus that the distortion on most multieffects pedals is the worst part, they're usually dreadful.

This. Having owned a multieffects pedal, they are really good for messing around and not much else. IMHO, you're better off in finding individual pedals and building your own pedal board.
What type of distortion are you looking for? You mention overdrive and I'm just clarifying. Personally I prefer over-driven distortion, as in the sound you get if you use no pedal and simply crank the gain up on a pre-amp. This has more of a growl or grunt, instead of what I call the "fuzzy" distortion you get with many pedals.

You may already know this, but I recommend a pedal that is designed for bass. Other types will often cut the low end. My favorite are the SansAmp RBI and RPM (both rack mount pre-amp units), but they are expensive when purchased new, $330.00. I currently own a Tech 21 VT pedal, which has SansAmp technology in it and is meant to simulate the different Ampeg *VT amps - this one only costs $160.00 new.

To help you choose, you can usually find demos of many different pedals and effects units on youtube. It will at least give you an idea how they sound without making a trip to your local music store, who might not have the pedal you're looking for in stock.
I think I will just get a pure overdrive pedal as opposed to a multieffects pedal, as the more I think about it the less I think I actually need the majority of the effects most of them offer.

As an example of the kind of sound I'd like, Lemmys tone in the intro of Don't Believe A Word is great http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3PSX6ogpFY , although I could happily play a little bit more distorted than that. Justin Chancellors tone from around 48 seconds in this video is also great http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=On6bE0hDeXM. I also love Les Claypools tone in Primus' cover of NIB, both the harshly distorted intro and the overdriven main line/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JY12-tGi9kk . I realise none of these tones sound the same, so I guess a fairly versatile Overdrive or Distortion would be what I'm looking for. I have listened to a few demos on youtube, and the Deluxe Bass Big Muff by EHX seems solid?
Have you looked at the Ashdown LoMenzo HyperDrive?
Good solid pedal with a surprising amount of versatility.
The James LoMenzo pedal, while a killer overdrive, isn't really what I'd recommend in this case. The distortion in the examples provided is more full-range, the HyperDrive is designed to distort a particular, narrow band of frequencies. The EHX Big Muff is probably a bit too fuzzy, an overdrive would be better suited. Check out the Tech 21 offerings, particularly the VT Bass.
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