I am new to this forum and new to playing a guitar. A couple of questions I have. I ordered a Travelers guitar EG-1 Custom is this a good choices for a first guitar? What do you look for in a electric blues guitar? What style? I also travel a lot that's why I needed to purchase something portable. But if I was looking for a blues guitar and your budget was around 2,000 what would you suggest? Thanks for your response.
It'd probably be better to get a mod to move this to the electric guitar forum, you might get more (not necessarily better ) answers.

I'm not too well up on traveller guitars, so i can't help with that- as you said, if portability is the main concern you might have to compromise to get something which is portable, even if it's not quite as a nice a guitar.

For blues it depends on what type of blues you mean- british blues/blues rock like clapton in the 60s is mainly gibsons with humbuckers (with marshall style amps) but more american blues like e.g. srv is normally a strat into a more fendery amp. tube amps, generally.

Obviously there are far more types of blues than that, but that's a (very basic) start.
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