Please help me out!!Is korg ax1500g a good processor???
Actually I play rock and metal.I want good distortion.I have cort x1 and marshall 20 watt amp.I do a lot of live shows,gigs and recordings as well.I was also thinking about Zoom g2.1u,so that comes to a challenge of Zoom g2.1u vs Korg ax1500g???Please reply...
The ax1500g is old, but useable. It's good in the sense that they seem to be fairly sturdy and they should be cheap. Nobody is going to tell you that a under $100 multifx is a must have.
What you really need is a new amp.
What's your budget?
Because you would be better off buying a new amp than a multi-fx, even if it meant saving up a bit more.
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I owned one for a few years. The delay's, reverbs, phasers and everything are pretty good but the distortion and overdrives could be a lot better.

But if you gig and record a lot and are in it for the long run I would really advise you to invest more and get a good decent amp and maybe some FX-pedals. That would improve your tone far more than getting a good multi-FX rather than a cheap one.
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The AX1500 is quite a nasty little unit as far as the gain sounds go. If your gonna drop money on a older unit get a used pod xt so much better and they go for next to nothing these days.
It's better than what you've previously been looking at, but most of your other threads (here, here, here, here and here) have all told you that as you're gigging you really need a new amp.

An effect unit won't help you - you're obviously reluctant to accept the advice you're being given, but you're still asking for us to tell you it's OK to purchase cheap kit to try & improve the sound you're getting from a bad amp.

A new amp should be your next step. No matter how many threads you start on this subject, that will always be the answer.
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Ok,thanks for all suggestion and Gary,man you have been a savior....