Hi folks. I'm new to the forum and recently returned to playing guitar after a very long time away from it.
I recently picked up a strat with two Lace sensors (neck and middle) and a hot rails in the bridged. I've noticed that the high "e" string sounds significantly quieter than the other 5 strings. This is in all pickup configurations. It sounds the same when it's not plugged in, however, it's difficult to say for sure whereas I can barely hear it unplugged anyway. Just curious as to if anyone else has experienced this or not? I was thinking it might be the strings, so I replaced them, or even a saddle issue. I guess my worst fear is that it's a wiring issue, but I doubt that considering every other string works fine.
Any input would be appreciated.
check around the bridge and nut for anything that might be obstructing the string/muffling/muting it in anyway way. Maybe a tiny bit of fluff stuck around it, who knows.

Otherwise: You say it happens while unplugged also which leads me to believe it is not an issue with the pickups. Sometimes you can just get a dud string so I would recommend buying a new set (maybe even a different brand to the current ones) and putting them on.

If the problem still persists and you think that the issue may be with the pickups, I would look into possibly needing to adjust the height of the pups. If it comes to this step then pictures would be helpful to determine if they need raising.
that can be the case. the thinner strings will be less output. its science and fact. we are talking unplugged or plugged in?

they have less mass and generate a lesser magnetic pull. it is quite common to have to "tweak" your pups to have a stronger or lesser signal on some strings to a persons liking. you can almost tune the frequency across the strings my modifying the pole pieces.

generally you can only do this on humbuckers, which i find to be a LARGE advantage. many single coils have the peices pre adjusted or staggered, like a lot of vintage strat pups.

a LACE sensor does not have adjustable poles, but you can tilt the whole pickup a bit higher on treble side a bit to taste. it will help.
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Thanks for the input guys. I appreciate it. I've been using an orange micro crush turned way down (it's easier on the ears considering how awful I sound right now) but found once the volume came up, so did the balance in string volume. So it looks like it might have just been the amp I've been using. I wired a third lace sensor in place of the hot rails and found that improved it even more. Hopefully when I upgrade my amp, everything works itself out.
Thanks again guys!