Yes, I've made a similar thread last week but this is a new week so let's get to business!

I made this for a weekly songwriting "contest" and I'd like your opinion! (Preferably from someone who likes thrash/heavy metal, since I'm into those genres I'd like some opinions from people with the same musical interests. But even if you're not into those genres I bet you can still tell if something is good or not so go ahead and criticize me!)

This is the best I can do with the equipment and noob mixing skills I have. You may hear some drums in the background, but I don't have drums. That is an empty 5 liter water bottle, and you may hear some beats off tempo, because it's hard to hold an mp3 player and beat away at a large water bottle with just 2 hands

Here it is:

What do you think?
Is there anything "catchy" here? Is it boring/monotonous? ?

One final thing, the last part (1:47) was hastily put together because of time constraints so it's something I would have changed if I were to make this into a real song (but there's a bonus thing at the end for your amusement so listen all the way through.)

Thanks! (And I'll check out you song if you want)
Is it boring/monotonous? ?

Yes, and close to unintelligible.
But I guess given what you have available there's only so much one can do, no?

What's the surprise at the end, thumbing the strings above the nut?
I say keep at it If you're interested in recording you're gonna need a better means to do it with for starters. Then onto learning how to mix, which is a whole other can of worms... in your case, this isn't a mix. It's a guitar with a bottle getting thumped behind it

Keep onto the recordings tho, you may wince hearing back on them a few years from now if you keep at it - but it's always fun to listen back onto shit you did years ago. For now I'd suggest continuing to practice on the guitar so that when you do get more kneedeep into your writing, your technical skill on the fretboard will be able to match what ya write! Or just do it all.
Thanks for the feedback
I'll definitely keep at it

(and the "surprise" is that lavender town tune from pokemon, I guess it's hard to hear with all that buzz )
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use audacity brah, use a click track and delete it after recording, then just record the separate tracks. Really helps for getting more clarity. And tune your guitar, of course!
Also, feedback = feedback back?
I recorded these two, care to give it a listen?
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Is it boring/monotonous? ?


If anything though, I would say try to invest in some kind of recording hardware/software.
I have a Line 6 pod GX interface that cost me somewhere between £50 and £80 (I got it a while ago) which isn't the most fantastic thing in the world but for what I want it to do (record mid quality demos for cheap) it's great if you're willing to throw down the money.
It's almost Christmas, so if you're really wanting to get into recording then this would be a pretty cheap start.

In terms of recording/editing software to use with it, that depends on if you're willing to spend cash. There are some legit free programmes out there like Audacity if you want something for nothing and don't want to turn to piracy and again, there is better software out there but for free, Audacity is great.

In terms of the song. Eh, I dunno. I was really monotonous and tiring, the 5ltr bottle did nothing to help really. I heard some slight promise in parts but overall, it was kind of hard to see where you were trying to go with most of it, especially the first 30 seconds of the track. Without anything to accompany the guitar it sounded aimless.
I mentioned the cheap recording stuff though because even having that and being able to stick some MIDI drums from Guitar Pro on the recordings could be the difference between some plain, boring riffs and a decent tune.

Stick at it though
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Thanks for your tips! I'm trying to get better equipment, I might check that out link no1.
I used Reaper but it's maybe the second or third time I've used it so I'm a complete noob

kiwiug, I'll leave feedback on the last "Original Recordings" thread you made (there's only the "demo" in that one, but I'll leave feedback for both of these)

Thanks guys!
I have no idea why you would make things so hard for yourself. Drum machines sound way better and are pretty simple to use. This is super raw stuff, I think the songwriting needs work and altogether you should just practice more.