Ok I'll make this as short as possible, but perhaps this warrants two threads and not one:

For context, I've had the idea in my head that I want to get a new guitar; either an SG or a Tele.

I went to the store yesterday, tried an SG and a couple of Teles and I wasn't impressed with either (much less so for the SG) of them. They SG especially felt like a toy in my hands in it could barely stay in tune and the strings felt really loose. I'm guessing the in store guitars were strung with 9 gauge strings.

Then I started wondering, my guitars at home are wound with 10 gauge strings, so they fight back slightly and just feel tighter. My satin 335 and my MIM fat strat felt sturdier then both guitars.

I'm also accustomed to playing guitars with longer scale lengths like the Tele, so I didn't notice the "toy factor" as much in that one.

I really want to like an SG but yesterday's experience just left a bad taste in my mouth.

So I suppose my question is does scale length, and string gauge have any affect on the string looseness, tuning, and that annoying "toy factor" I mentioned above?
yes absolutely. they're probably the main factors affecting that (excepting the possibility that the guitar you tried may have been garbage and actually felt like a toy ).
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Scale length and string gauge have a BIG effect on string looseness. The difference between a Fender and a Gibson's scale length is effectively like having the open strings about half a semitone higher, therefore they must be that much looser for standard tuning.

A thicker string at the same tension will give you a lower note, therefore to reach the same note it must be tighter.

On a Gibson scale length, 9s are just way too loose for most players, and even 10-46 is borderline on the lower strings.

So yes, if you want to know what an SG is really like, you should try it with thicker strings.

As for tuning, anything to do with strings may affect it, they could've just been old strings.
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dont give up on sg because of a few bad ones. les paul has always been my fav guitar because so many of my heroes played it but whenever i went to gc and played them, they just didnt feel like a guitar i should be playing. i still really wanted to like playing les pauls though, so i decided if i find one for really cheap i would buy it and play it long term and if i still didnt like it, i would sell it for the same price i bought it. i finally bought an epi lp and now i really like it. i reccomend looking for an epi g400 under 200 because then if you dont like it after a month or so, you can resell it or if you do like it you can resell it and buy a gibson
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