Hi, I've seen a few videos by Chinaguitarsceptic recently about Chinese guitars, and I'm going to buy one of them, for a project, probably the one with the highest positive rank. It's gonna be mahogany body, maple top and rosewood fingerboard.

I'm gonna throw away everything except the wood itself and gear it up anew. I haven't decided on pickups yet. I'm gonna play modern metal (from, say, metalcore to Rammstein-like stuff), and I don't want to mess with active pickups for now.

I've seen Duncan's comparison video, being primarily interested in Distortion, JB and Invader models. Distortion seems too scooped to me, good for hair metal stuff, so it's jB and Invader. Invader seems to be meaty, but lacking high freqs, JB seems to have a nice, balanced and versatile tone, though not as heavy and with with very prominent midrange (just a little bit too much).

What would you recommend?
i'll just give the usual warning about buying a cheap guitar to mod immediately- if you just want a project to work on for fun, that's absolutely fine, but don't expect to make your money back if you ever go to sell.

i'd say the jb would be a lot more versatile than the invader. unless you only play balls to the wall metal i'd go with the jb.
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